Dry-Erase Weekly Magnetic Calendar Set Chalkboard Planner for Refrigerator Whiteboard Organizer Checklist & Message Board Attach to Fridge or Hang on Wall 17X13 inch With Markers Icons & Push Pins

  • ✅ NEVER FORGET! Appointments,dates, birthdays or anniversaries. Keep track of your shopping, menus, to-do list, activities and chores. Share all of this with your family by attaching the LARGE MAGNETIC PLANNER (13 x 17 inches) to your fridge, or hang it on the wall by the holes in each of the corners especially for this purpose. Whether you use nails or hooks, it’s easy and stable. No need to use stickers which dry out or ruin your wall. Have everything in front of you in the blink of an eye.
  • ✅ COLLECT YOUR FREE GIFTS! When you purchase this dry erase board you receive a whole lot of bonuses: 2 magnetic erasable markers with thin writing tips so that writing is always clear and easy to read. When you’re done, erase with the tops of the pens! 10 fun magnetic icons to highlight the important events of your week and 2 magnetic push pins to attach wedding invites, the kids’ artwork photos and more. The push pins can hold several pieces of paper together.
  • ✅ CLEAN & READABLE EVERY TIME There are so many so-called erasable planners and we know that not all are created equal. No need to buy an eraser. For a whiter than whiteboard every time, use a damp cloth or sponge and then dry. Only write on a dry board. It couldn’t be easier. This planner comes to you flat and not folded so there are no creases to bother you when you write. Our special PET lamination means that it will clean perfectly every time and never leave irritating smudges or shadows.
  • ✅ WANT THE KIDS TO DO THEIR CHORES? Just let them mark them off with the erasable markers. But not just any old markers. The dry erase markers that we provide with this set have thin points so your writing is easily understandable. They have their own eraser and they are magnetic so they are always on hand for writing or erasing and you’re never without a pen. Use the 10 fun magnetic icons and the 2 magnetic push pins to add color and interest to your weekly plans.
  • ✅ GREAT GIFT! Whatever stage we’re at in our lives, we all need reminders. Giving a gift like this helps your loved ones to keep track of their schedules and will always remind them of you every time they look at this contemporary designed board of fun and practicality. BUY IT NOW! This is a NO RISK purchase. If you are not entirely happy just return within 30 days for a full refund.

Nothing impacts our stress levels as much as disorganization.
Trying to keep yourself and your family’s schedules straight have become a nightmare.
It’s not enough to keep track of it in your personal diary – you have to share with the whole family otherwise it just won’t work.

Ofir sales Magnetic Calendar / Weekly Planner, Dry-Erase Whiteboard.
Its powerful magnet attaches to your fridge or any other metal surface and will not budge
Or you can hang it on the wall by way of the 4 holes in the corners of the board.
Whichever way you decide to do it, the large Calendar / Planner (13 x 17 inches) will be in everyone’s line of sight.

Hang it on your refrigerator, in an office, a classroom or a kid’s bedroom. It will always be useful.
Each week is divided into 7 days (yes, we know you’re busy on the weekends too), going down the left side of the board.
On the right are 3 large spaces for jotting down notes.

Here are just a few ideas of how to use your planner:

  • Weekly schedule including appointments and activities
  • To-do list
  • Shopping list
  • Daily food intake
  • Tasks and chores
  • Reminders for next week
  • For children who are learning to read & write or just want something to draw on.

But of course, it’s up to you to write what you think is most important that’s why we gave you so much blank space.

​​NOT JUST FOR THE FRIDGE! There are countless uses for this planner to make your life more manageable.

Yes the refrigerator in the kitchen is 1
But what about the wall at the entrance to your home so you never leave without something you need
Or a teenager’s / student’s bedroom to keep track of all their exam dates and activities?
In the kid’s room to remind them to pack their gym kit and how about the office to keep staff on the same page?

When the week is over just take a damp cloth or sponge and wipe the board clean.
We use PET lamination for easy and effective cleaning – a perfectly clean planner every time!​

NOTE that when the board hangs on a wall it is impossible to hang the magnetic icons, markers and push pins on it.

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